Affirmations in Action

I wanted to share my win today! FULL VIDEO TRANSCRIPT It’s Braxton’s (my son) birthday today and I am early for his birthday celebration lunch, which is amazing because I am not usually on time. But daily I write down this affirmation: I am an empowering, present, self-controlled Mom. And today I’m winning in the… Continue reading Affirmations in Action

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What an Honor

A year ago, I was completely honored to be featured in the Living Magazine as a Leading Women for their Three-Eighty North June 2018 edition. When I first read the article, I nearly spit out the drink I had just taken. Robyn Beazley has perfected that illusive balance of career, family, and personal life. Article… Continue reading What an Honor

Have a blessed day

As my confident 5 year old stepped out of the car this morning, for his first carpool drop off, a young student working the line, enthusiastically shared “Have a Blessed Day!” {Insert ugly cry!} You see, today was my first carpool experience and only Day 2 of Kindergarten! I held myself together for Day 1… Continue reading Have a blessed day


Life is all about being unfinished. I often cringe at the phrase Unfunished Business. However if we don’t have anything Unfunished in our lives – then where does our urge to get out of bed come from in the morning? This came to me when I was painting our master bedroom. I started painting it… Continue reading Unfinished