What an Honor

A year ago, I was completely honored to be featured in the Living Magazine as a Leading Women for their Three-Eighty North June 2018 edition. When I first read the article, I nearly spit out the drink I had just taken.

Robyn Beazley has perfected that illusive balance of
career, family, and personal life.

Article about me in the Living Magazine Three-Eighty North June 2018 edition

What?? {insert emoticon of big eyes looking both ways}. Y’all {with my Canadian Texan accent} there is NO way {hose-a} that I have everything “perfectly” balanced. Wowsers! Those are big, no I mean impossible shoes to fill – clearly the author was fooled.

As a “bird”, I am known to put my webbed duck feet into the water and hide most of the chaos in my life. However, those closest to me – my husband, kids, parents, family, and a few friends – have witnessed my real side!! I may or may not, stomp my foot every once in awhile. AND I have suffered my share of mental health.

I’m actually on a mission to reveal the behind the scenes look of what it really takes to start, grow, and scale businesses. It is far from glamorous – regardless of what the highlight reel may look like!! Yes, I love a beautiful picture and organized Instagram grid. However, check out my social media stories for raw, unedited, unapologetic pictures and videos from my day to day life.

Have an amazing day!

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