Affirmations in Action

I wanted to share my win today!


It’s Braxton’s (my son) birthday today and I am early for his birthday celebration lunch, which is amazing because I am not usually on time. But daily I write down this affirmation: I am an empowering, present, self-controlled Mom. And today I’m winning in the whole on time thing that would fit under that umbrella for me.So find an affirmation that works for you. I learned something in a training that I was in last week, how we don’t write affirmations for things that we already have. Like we don’t say, I want these earrings… I want… It might not even be things, but that are about your mindset, like I want to be happy. I want you to be enthusiastic (*write in present tense) Anyhow, long story short, find affirmations that empower you!

Have an awesome day.

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