Life is all about being unfinished. I often cringe at the phrase Unfunished Business. However if we don’t have anything Unfunished in our lives – then where does our urge to get out of bed come from in the morning?

This came to me when I was painting our master bedroom. I started painting it last weekend. I had full intentions to finish during the week after, while my husband was out of town. It didn’t happen…

I just started again & this unfinished message came to me. Our marriage is unfinished, our businesses are unfinished, our lives are unfinished until God calls us home. 

We always have to have something on the go – in the works – to help us keep our feet moving. So I dare you to start something today. Go ahead & work towards finishing it. But if you don’t – don’t stress over it. 

Maybe this is why I like to start new projects before another is finished… so I have something else to look forward to!! If you’re Type A like my husband, you’ll cringe at this idea, but it gave me peace this morning. 

Back to painting! Have an awesome day. 

Blessings, Robyn 

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