I attended my first Toastmasters meeting this morning!

Despite the white moisture Mother Nature blessed us with this morning, I followed through with my inquiry and attended the a local Toastmasters chapter at 7am! Every chapter runs at different times, so if you’re thinking about checking out the awesome organization – don’t get scared if you aren’t a morning person, if you’re lucky it will be at a more appealing time for you!

The members were so amazing! A wide range of ages, experience, and personality! I really enjoyed my first meeting and look forward to becoming part of the fabulous organization! I was so impressed by the efficiency of the hour long meeting and the quality of the speaking and evaluations of Toastmasters!

My husband talked about joining a Toastmasters group when we first moved over two years ago, but our lives take us out of town lots. Now that I’m working on mastering the consistency in my life and finding a routine, I did some research on local chapters!

I may do a bit of “shopping” around, by visiting a couple other chapters, but I was very satisfied and felt very welcomed! I know I could be challenged to be a more dynamic, articulate speaker with this chapter.

Are you a member of Toastmasters? Do you know anyone that is?

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