Patio Drinks

I’ve sat down 3 different times today to write a serious, inspiring blog entry – that you can learn more about the entrepreneurial side of me. However, I keep getting sidetracked.

It’s summer and I keep imagining what you’re all doing for fun. Where are YOU going/have gone on vacation? How are YOU taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather? Please comment – I want to hear about YOU!!

Warning – no negativity allowed – only positive thoughts. He he…if you live in the deep south of the USA where it is 105F – please don’t think us Canadians are feeling sorry for you ;) Just joking – most of us would trade locations with you any day. If you don’t have vacation time OR your checking account isn’t overflowing with spending money – tell us about the daycations & staycations you’re enjoying. I know you’re creative and making the most of any opportunity life is providing you. Tanning on your deck, golfing, hanging out friends, whatever!

On the weekend – John & I had a fun date after church. We had a bit of time before going to watch a friend’s son play soccer. John was craving a taco and the only tex-mex fast food place was on the other end of town. SO we settled for the Original Joe’s patio for nachos! You might think we sound like an oxymoron – Christians enjoying a cocktail on a Sunday after church. However, we just like to have fun socially and enjoy taking advantage of our couple months of nice weather. Who am I kidding, trying to defend being Canadian ;)

When our cold drinks came out – we giggled. Depending on the day or our mood – John and I could easily interchange our beverages – just like a lot of things. Did you know that John & I don’t have particular sides of the bed we sleep on? Or one more common, we don’t have assigned seating at our table.

This time – which drink do you think is mine & which one is John’s?


JohnPatio RobynPatio

Don’t forgetI would LOVE to hear about the highlights of your summer thus far please!! Comment away… even those of you that are virgins at making on comments on this blog – but are so amazing at visiting and revisiting my blog. Thank you for your support. I’d really love to read your comment…

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