Fending for Myself

My amazing husband works for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. He travels lots to sales all over Canada and a few in the United States. John is very passionate about being an Auctioneer and supporting all areas of the company from Sales, Yard, and Customer Service staff. Yes, my hubby can “talk” fast . However the skill of bid calling and being an auctioneer are much more in depth than possessing the quality of being a fast speaker! If that’s the only quality they needed to posess – clearly I’d be very wealthy with my natural ability. He he…

My Texan is on the road for a couple weeks, leaving me at home to fend for myself. I’m really hard done by, I know. Not likely – I get so much done when he’s away so that I can enjoy the time even more when he’s closer to home. I miss my soul mate when he’s away – however we thrive on quality time.

I giggled so hard when I saw this cartoon! Obviously the child and pet are out of the picture for us for the time being. John has a blast when he’s on the road and that is so satisfying. My talented husband loves what he does for a living. If you love what you do – you never work another day in your life.

Off on business trip

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