First 4 hours

I’m often asked how I find time for everything in my wild life! Well – I believe this morning is a perfect example of the multi-tasking that goes on and how much fun I truly have living life.

The first 4 hours of this morning (Tuesday, March 2) in my world!


Woke up before my alarm at 6:17am

Remembering my last dream about the ECE Conference (I’ll have to tell you about this lovely “side” contract I took on).

  • A bunch of things I need to do for the event – start flying through my mind.

Opened my eyes

  • Starting writing “to do” list on a note pad beside my bed
  • Made notes for my MC speeches for the conference, while still lying in bed
  • Open Facebook  from my cell phone for my morning inspiration
    • I’m addicted to reading your Status Updates 
      • (What did we do before Facebook??)

Leaped from bed and got ready

  • Loving the new hair
    • So easy to do
      • Looks completely crazy today! (I’ll share more about the “chop” soon!)

Got a make shift lunch together with leftovers (I “don’t prefer” making lunches – definitely a huge pet peeve)

  • Banana (Bread) Pudding – that could be lunch right?
  • Vegetables from Canada vs USA Gold Game party
  • Leftover sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits in bowls in the fridge
    • Grab potato to microwave for lunch (Healthy & nutritious- not really, but I didn’t feel like a shake today!)
  • Meat…mmm…not happening for this meal – as nothing is “convenient!

Notice leftover coffee sitting in pot

  • Nuke (microwave) for 1 min
  • Add milk & sugar to the go mug

Grab my Arbonne bag of makeup

  • For my 1 on 1 consultation today

Walk into our garage

  • Admire my sparkling clean car
    • Spent 3 hours Sunday working on with John
      • Hand waxing the outside to vacuuming the inside!

Turn on my car CD player to a Learn & Burn Arbonne track

  • Completed pumped up after listening to fellow Arbonne consultant train for 20 minute drive           

Get to my office

  •  Turn on my iPod to my “Amazing” play list

Power Hour

  • Plow through 1staction step of my day at the Lethbridge College for my current contract
    • (I started a new one – will share more soon!)

Got brain wave – take 5 minute sidetrack

  • Type 17 points that immediately came to mind to brainstorm idea

Another power hour

  • Attack action step #2

Take break for 10 minutes

Finish action step #2

  • 30 mins into 3rd Power Hour – phone call interrupts momentum
    • Start action step #3
      • Flying through list today!

Decide to throw this blog post together

  • For sheer entertainment
    • Probably for myself more than anything
      • I can look back & laugh at how crazy I am later!

Back to reality!! Lots more to attack today – the day is young ;)

Here’s to a productive, amazingly fun day.

Live Inspired,

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