Experienced Feet

Experiences make us the people that we are. I’ve been so blessed by the opportunities in my life – that have helped shape me into the woman I am.

I’m very lucky to have amazing relationships with my family. Fortunately, I’ve made the time to spend with my grandparents. I’ve learned lots about their journey through life and shared many experiences with them. I could go on and on about the hilarious memories I have.

Just over a year ago, my Grandma (my Mom’s mother) was diagnosed with lung cancer. The past 13 months have been a roller coaster. It’s so hard to watch anyone, in particular, one of your mentors in life and close family members face health challenges head on.

Whenever I’m able, I visit my grandparents – before the diagnosis and after. I’ve always tried to go with a story or joke to tell (learning the later of these 2 from my hubby), to lighten the mood and share a bit of excitement. A few weeks ago, while visiting my Grandma, I noticed her gorgeous, experienced feet could use some attention. I didn’t say anything, as I know that she would be very self consious.

I know how good I feel after getting my feet touched. (Especially when a professional does it, I love pedictures)! Our feet deserve regular attention, especially when you consider the “weight” and stress they carry around.

I showed up the next day to visit with a file, nail polish, and Arbonne foot cream!

It was a simple gesture that made my Grandma smile and experience a bit of relaxation.

I challenge you to always seek ways to help others. I’d love to hear your ideas – so I can keep learning of new ways I can serve. If you’re lucky to still have grandparents in your life or other influential family and friends that you’ve lost touch with or haven’t talked to in awhile – I encourage you to stop right now and call them OR go stop in for a visit. I know they’d love to see your smile OR hear your voice.

Have an amazing weekend!

Live Inspired,

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