1: Pay It Forward

I’m SO excited to share this beautiful Pay It Forward story with you.

Three months ago, I posted the Texas Bound Giveaway entry, followed by the Twist that outlined the goal of the Living An Amazing Life, 1st Pay It Forward challenge.

Here is our 1st winner, Shelagh’s, heart filled act of kindness:

“I held on to the gift card because I knew I was going to the Children’s Hospital. My kids go for the odd appointment at the eye clinic & sometimes day surgery for dental work…nothing serious. But the parents with seriously ill children, kill me every time I walk through that lobby. I can only imagine how difficult their lives are, pouring everything they have into those kids. I got on the elevator and some young parents got on behind me with a little one in the stroller; she had feeding tubes & no hair; I can only guess some kind of cancer. I knew this was it; these were my people to ‘pay it forward’. I told them that I’d won a Starbucks gift card and that part of the deal was to ‘pay it forward’. I told them I know it must be difficult to get away from the hospital, but if you can, please go have a break & know that I wish your family the best. They were stunned and thankful & I was glad my floor came up as the tears began to well up.”


Thank you Shelagh for sharing your love and kind gesture, it brought me to to tears. Your story also filled me up with joy, we’re so lucky to have amazing individuals like you in this world. I’m honored to have you as a friend.

Shelagh and I met last fall, when she exhibited in Copper West. She is a savvy business woman, with her silversmithing business Designs by Shelagh. She makes absolutely stunning jewelry – I love my turquoise necklace. She is also a dynamic mother of 4, and wife of a rancher and outrider for the WPCA. I encourage you to visit her website Designs by Shelagh and follow her on Twitter.

Keep Paying It Forward in your life, it will always come back to you ten fold when you least expect it.

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