What are you saying?

What do your clients hear, when you leave a voicemail for them OR they hear your recorded message when calling you?

What impression are you leaving?

How you sound is just as important if not more than, what you’re actually saying. If you’re lucky enough to know me personally ;) you’re aware that I’m quite long winded. Therefore I’m not going to critique you on the length of your message. As you may know or can imagine, I leave jam packed, excited messages – a skill I inherited from my father!

Put yourself in the shoes of those that you hear your voice on the other end of the phone. When someone calls you and leaves you a message. Do you smile when you listen to their recording? Do you get excited to call them back?

When you’re calling someone and are promoted to leave a message. Are you attracted to the person’s voice? Are you pumped up to leave a message?

Make your messages reflect your positive side, establish credibility and be confident.

“Hi, you’ve reached Robyn Beazley, ____ (position & company). Please leave me a message, so that I can get back to you! I hope you’re having an amazing day. Bye.”

I love the responses I get: “I am having an amazing day, thanks” “My day is going wonderful, I hope yours is too” “That is the best message I’ve ever heard Robyn, thanks for making me smile!” WOW – all this positive feedback, before they even tell me who is calling.

Action Steps to your personal message:

  • Write out what you want your recording to say.
  • Practice recording and listen to.
  • Record in front of a mirror, so you can see yourself smiling (you actually sound happier, when you’re smiling and talking!)
  • Have fun!

Action Steps to leaving a message:

  • Be 100% present when recording, so that your message comes out smooth.
  • Have a sense of urgency in your voice, to encourage a punctual call back.
  • “I dare you to make someone smile or laugh” (Robyn Beazley) with your message.

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