Take me out to the ball game

While in Texas this summer, seeing family and friends, John and I took in a Texas Rangers ball game with our amazing friend Kattie!

It was sooooo hot!! Well not as bad as it was during the day, however this would explain why my bangs were dripping wet in this picture and glued to my forehead. Kattie on the other hand looks fantastic – her hair looking perfect as she is immune to the Texas summers!

We sat in the cheap seats – why wouldn’t you?

I’m so excited that the Rangers have made it to the World Series. My Facebook Newsfeed has been filled with many patriotic Texas friends and family sharing their excitement through status updates, uploaded images and new profile pictures! I love the energy.

My Grandpa is a huge New York Yankees fan, so it was entertaining for me to poke a bit of fun at him that his grandson-in-loves favorite team beat them!! John’s all time favorite sport is baseball, so going to a game in Texas and Seattle this year have been highlights!

Go Rangers,

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