My first…

Dream Board!!

As I wrote in my book Live an Amazing Life, my first dream board was posted on the back of my bedroom door at my parents. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of where I’ve come from. I wanted to share – to show you how simple your dream board can be!

To learn more about making dream boards – watch my Amaze Yourself Video 2 (that will only be available for a bit longer!) and read my Why We Dream(board) Together post!

Excerpt from the story “Vision” in my book, Live an Amazing Life:

“My first dream board consisted of four pictures. Three of the four images became mine within two years and the fourth another two years later. Here’s what those four images were:

  1. The logo for the Calgary Stampede Junior Livestock Scholarships, sponsored by BMO (a Canadian financial institute).
  2. A Red Chevrolet Cavalier.
  3. The Dodge City Community College logo.
  4. A house in a lush valley surrounded by mountains, with the word Montana included.

I went on to receive…” {Read the rest of this story & more in my book, Live an Amazing Life}

Do you have a dream board? Where do you have it posted?

Stay Amazing,

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