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WOW – what would a woman do without Spanx?? I’ll be honest I didn’t run out and buy a pair when Oprah featured Sara and her amazing invention. It took my mother telling me that she thought I should “borrow” hers for an occasion! YIKES – guess my cellulite caught her attention. Thank you Mom – that’s why I love you – you’re honest, amazing, and one of my best friends! We laugh because my sister and I have been known to borrow the communal Spanx! I have been researching to get my own – I’m trying to decide which style matches my wardrobe, to maximize the asset improvement!!

I really enjoyed reading this story about the woman entrepreneur! SUCCESS magazine is one of my favorite monthly reads – subscribe to their e-newsletters if you like what you read! Follow your dreams friends – dream big and pursue what you’re passionate about! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Excerpt from the email I received – Seeds of SUCCESS – April 21, 2009‏:

“Sara Blakely wanted her bottom to look better in white pants. Her idea to reinvent hosiery by making it footless and invisible turned into Spanx, a $300 million company. How can you turn your next idea into a million-dollar business? Follow Sara’s advice for success:

Differentiate yourself. “Whether it’s in the marketplace or in those first few seconds you meet somebody—whatever it is—if you don’t know how it has been done before, you’re almost guaranteed to do it differently.”

First impressions mean everything. “If you make someone laugh or smile in the first five to 10 seconds, you might get another 10 seconds.”

Be persistent. Sara Blakely worked hard to win over manufacturers and prospective buyers who had never seen anything like Spanx.

Visualize your goals. “Take a mental snapshot of what success looks like for you,” she says. Keeping that vision of success in mind will help you through the tough times.

Pay attention to opportunities. “There are a million ways to improve everything around us,” Blakely says, and making just one improvement could result in your million-dollar idea.

Hire your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths, and hire well-qualified people to handle the rest.

Read more about Sara Blakely in this month’s issue of SUCCESS.”

I also enjoyed checking out the Spanx & the Sara Blakely Foundation websites!

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