Every detail counts

WOW! It’s Friday already, how exciting. I hope you have a fantastic weekend (a long one for my US friends) and enjoy the sunshine.

We love having company over to entertain and play with. My detail oriented hubby has taught me that an experience is much more amazing when more of your senses are stimulated. Do everything with charisma! I was excited to have my gorgeous friend Stacey, from a couple hours away, come over for dinner and a visit last night; she’s down for a horse show.

Stacey Dinner

My awesome friend and new Arbonne business partner Tracy is coming over tonight for cocktails and a savvy training session.

The glasses and I are ready to be filled with Rhubarb Slush!

I’m really spoiled this week since my fantastic friend Twila, also from a few hours away, is making a road trip down in the morning to stay for the weekend – I’m so blessed!

Our gorgeous orchid – this beautiful flower has a story…

My wish is for your weekend to be amazing!

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