Berry Picking

Last Sunday, we went on a romantic drive west of my parents. We made a scenic tour in the foothills by Sundre, AB and got Ice Cream from a quaint little shop. The best part – John surprised the nice “experienced” couple in line behind us and paid for theirs ;) I love paying it forward!

Then we made a fun stop at my Uncle and Tante’s (French for Aunt!) for out of the blue. Our astonishing visit was welcomed with a pail and a promise for a brewski (Canadian slang for beer!) after a little work. My outdoorsy Uncle is famous for picking and growing fruits and vegetables.

The mission was to pick Saskatoon’s my grandparents. Unfortunately, my Grandma (my Uncle’s sister) hasn’t been well as a result of treatments she’s going through. So this kind gesture that was initiated by my Uncle to brighten her day. Everything happens for a reason – so John & I arrived on a perfect day to help with the harvest and deliver the fruit my Grandma loves.

This experience was also a “first” for my Texan! Thank goodness he’s an Eagle Scout and is prepared for everything – his long windpants provided the protection he needed to avoid getting the itch from the needle weed.

Ready Pickin

It was a perfect way to wrap up a Sunday afternoon.

Robyn Picking John Picking

What is your favorite thing to pick in the summer? Whether from the garden or the wild?

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