5: Swept off my feet by a Texan

After dinner we drove the last hour south to San Antonio! I was amazed at how much we had to talk about – it was fantastic. At this point, I’m still considering our weekend – just two friends on a road trip that are enjoying each others company.

We came to San Marcos, where there are 2 HUGE outdoor Outlet Malls, with nearly every chain store and more that you can think of! John had NO idea what he was in for!! We concluded that we’d stop there on our way back on Sunday and get into San Antonio to find accommodation for the night.

As we came to the City Limits of San Antonio, I started pointing out cheap, lower quality Motels & Hotels that we could consider! You know the kind I mean, college budget – sleep with your clothes on, just a place to lay your head for a couple hours, type of places. He he…John suggested that we should go further into San Antonio and explore the city first. I kept driving and John read the signs to head to the Riverwalk. The traffic was heavy for a Friday night. We reached the downtown and didn’t know where to find the touristy area or where to park.

All of a sudden John asked me to “Pull over here please!” I quickly changed lanes and parked, I was trying to gain my sense of direction and figure out where we were. Out of nowhere, John gets out of the car and says “I’ll be right back.” I’m busy gawking out the window and conclude that we’re sitting outside a hotel. I grab my cell phone, since I had not been on it all afternoon, and call my bestie Laura with a quick update of our trip.

“Oh, John is just inside a hotel getting directions!” We continued our phone conversation – gossiping and catching up. Then I recall saying something to the affect of,

Laura… John just pulled out his wallet?”

Happily Married and Living With Passion,


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