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The success of your business has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the people in your life! We all do business with those we know, like and trust. Treat everyone in your life with respect, because you never know who you’ll do business with OR who they will refer you to!

I recently bought a new car – and WOW was I ever shocked by my experience! After visiting 5 dealerships, I was ready to launch a Car Selling 101 course! When you arrive at a business – to buy a tractor, a new herdsire, fertilizer, or even to get a bank loan – you probably want to test drive a particular model OR have an idea of what you want/need in a product. How impressed are you when the salesperson (don’t always have that title – don’t get tricked!) was trying to sell you what THEY thought you should buy? Every salesman I interacted with in my car buying was closing the deal in their mind and was focusing on themselves (i.e. – calculating their commission instead of my payments in their head or dreaming of the bonus they were on track to get – apparently I have $ signs on my forehead) INSTEAD of getting to know me!

If this describes you when the perfect person enters your life that you just know will want to buy your product, they will quickly become the “would have been” client, if you don’t ask enough or particularly the right questions! When you ask someone a question, even a simple question – such as “How are you?” – are you sincere (soothing tone of voice, eye contact)? Do you really care what their answer is? You were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason – as the salesperson or just a human at that – you should listen more than talk!! Have you ever left a conversation and felt amazing about it – that usually means that you did most of the talking. You want your client leaving the visit feeling warm & fuzzy inside and thinking that person really cared about me and that is achieved when people are given opportunity to talk about themselves! LISTEN and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for!

First impressions are everything – you have to value and respect THEIR time – who cares about your time; focus on getting to know your prospect. What product are you offering? Customer service – once a client, always a client. Ask questions that will start to answer your bottom-line question, “How can the product you’re offering benefit them” – without even having to ask! Selling is fun, if you want it to be!

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