Baa Ram Ewe

I should have bought a sheep yesterday at the 4H sale. It’s been a wild week and our lawn didn’t get the attention that it usually does. From the house & deck the grass in the backyard didn’t look this bad! Then I got the lawn mower out and it almost got lost in the pasture, I mean lawn!

long   mowerview

I thought about leaving it until John came home later this week. My fantastic fast talking Auctioneer flew to Vancouver Island this morning for a sale. I was very envious when he sent me the view from his balcony! I am imagining the sound he is hearing as he goes to sleep…


Back to my exciting afternoon. I wonder how tall the field would have been when he returned to mow? My amazing husband used to own a landscaping business. He is very particular about how the grass is cut. Straight lines and precision are expected. Every time the lawn is mowed, we do it a different direction to avoid having the same lines.


Well, since I let the backyard get out of hand, I had to dump out the bag every couple passes!

2-passes   mowed

House Rule: Mmm…John’s rule, the lawn mower must be washed off after every use. I appreciate that our belongings are taken care of, kept clean, and able to hold their value. The picture of under the mower is taken “BEFORE”!

washmower   washunder 

I had an interesting realization this afternoon. I was mowing our front lawn and a couple unfamiliar ladies rode their bikes past. I said “Hi” and they stopped to ask me a question. One lady made a unique comment about the fact that I was “mowing more than just our own lawn”. I replied “Yes, our neighbors and us take turns mowing. In the winter we also shovel each others walks quite often”. This lady was shocked! You may be also, but we are used to it. John and I don’t see much point in mowing half of the lawn. Our yard looks beautiful when its all groomed at the same time.

east   west

Since we travel quite a bit, we love knowing that if we’re gone – that our lawn in the summer or sidewalk and drive in the winter is taken care of. Our neighbors are gone lots also, so we just Pay It Forward.

I dare you to surprise someone in your life – with a kind gesture. It’s so nice waking up to the snow removed in the winter or a beautiful yard to drive up to.

I’m off to get clean.

Cheers, Miss Green – I’m absolutely covered.

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