Day 6: Worth It?

Peer pressure is tough! While doing some grocery shopping recently with my 3 guys, I had to work hard to stay disciplined. They were enjoying a Chocolate Frozen Yogurt!

It’s only a bite right…a little taste!? 

Believe me, I am not a big calorie counter but the past two months, I have been letting myself go… ice cream here, fast food there, after dinner snacks, and so on. My shorts & pants, fitting a little snugger.

I did soooo well before summer. So I had decided a day before this sweet temptation, that I was going to get back on track. Enjoy treats less often & truly make them a special “treat”.  

So I opened up my app & found out just how many calories are in a…

Pass…I’ll use my calories are something better thanks! This MyFitnessPal app is wonderful. 

What health / fitness apps do you use?

Blessings, Robyn


Day 5: Delicious!

I pulled out my recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas last week & it was a huge hit! It was risky, because my boys are picky eaters but love Mexican food! The first time I made it, I was pregnant with our oldest son, Braxton. 

(I don’t recall where I got the recipe!)

It’s a little labor intensive to make the tortillas soft, but it really is the secret to making this dish amazing! The tortillas become softer & more palpable, making them taste like they are from a restaurant. 

Do you write notes on your recipes? My Mom does, that’s where I learned to do it!

Domestic Diva in Training, Robyn


Day 4: Special Guest

One of my favorite people in the WHOLE world arrived last night…my Mom!

I love love love watching her spend time with my boys. My Mom is a retired teacher & the things she teaches them in short times together is incredible. 

I never take foregranted that I still have a Mom here on Earth. God spared her life 4 years ago when she was in a bad car accident & broke her C2. 3 months in a Halo, countless days in therapy, and a lifetime of treatments ahead to keep her comfortable and more able to enjoy her life – I’m so proud of her. 

I have many many characteristics from her. One of my favorites that I got her from, is the travel bug!! One of our favorite pastimes is researching our next vacation / adventure.

I believe my Mom’s love languages are words of affirmation (she loves writing notes/cards to others, so that’s my big clue!) and quality time. When I moved to the USA to attend college, my Mom wrote me a note 1-3 times a day for my first semester!!

Do you know what, of the 5 love languages, one of your favorite people posesses?

I thank God everyday for my selfless, kind hearted, unconditionally loving Mom that shaped me very well. 

Blessings, Robyn


Day 3: My Guilt

A poolside vlog for Day 3!

How do you carve out time for you?

Blessings, Robyn


Day 2: Favorite View

This is one of my favorite views! Evening walks in Texas are hot & humid, but with these 3 and my hubby, it’s always an adventure. 

We became dog owners just 2 short months ago, to Honey, a now 11 mo old Beagle! Tonight was a 3 mile tour to the park & back. 

2 years ago, I got this awesome InStep Bicycle Trailer that doubles as a Jogging Stroller for my Birthday from my 3 guys. I highly recommend it! John bought 2 adapter things for our bikes, so we can trade off pulling. 

How do you spend time with your family being active?

Blessings, Robyn


Day 1: 7th Day

Ironically today is my day of rest & Day 1 of the challenge I gave myself. 

I’ve learned that you can work 7 days a week for yourself. OR work 6 days a week for the Lord, take a day of rest for worshipping, relaxation, rejuvenation and God will help you get WAY more done in 6 days than you could ever get done in 7 days on your own!

And on the 7th day He rested. 

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. (‭Genesis‬ ‭2‬:‭2‬ NIV)

It’s amazing that entrepreneurs leave 8-5 or 9-5 jobs working for someone else, to work from eyes open to eyes closed!! 

I appreciate my husband insisting that we take Sunday’s to rest and do NO work or if we’re traveling for work or there is an extreme circumstance, that we take a different day. I can be a borderline workaholic when I get into a groove. The last couple years as a Mompreneur, I really have to get creative working in the nooks & crannies of my life.  When my husband John started his auction business two years ago, I was so proud of him for closing the auction yard and office on Sunday and our staff don’t work that day either. 

When you start a business or are a business owner, you get to develop your core values. This is a big one for our family that has become a focus. A God centered business, family, marriage, and life.

If you work in an industry that your job / shift requires you to work on Sundays, my prayer is that you rest on your day off – whatever day of the week that may be! Taking a day of rest, is a choice. 

Happy Sunday!

Blessings, Robyn


Missed Blogging

I’ve felt nudged to do another 30 Day blogging or vlogging challenge – just for myself. A way to express myself, get my creative juices flowing, and share the experiences I’ve been blessed with. Quite honestly, getting into a more disciplined, consistent mindset. As we all know, busy people do get more done!

Here I sit poolside, writing this post!

While searching Google for a fresh 30 day list of ideas / themes to blog from, I came across the blog – 12 Months of Lent. She quotes another blogger:

Rachel Brathen, aka, “Yoga Girl”, wrote this in a recent blog post:

“Sometimes we let go of things or people just to find them back in our lives a while later, but with a different energy. Sometimes letting go means finding something different, of more value, along the way. Sometimes letting go means realizing you weren’t even holding on in the first place. But, most of the time…Letting go just means choosing to be free.”

I’ve missed blogging but the past 4 years since my son was born, my priorities changed a lot! I carved out time for different things. 

I’m going to tackle blogging (or scheduling them to post) each day for 30 days in the month of August. It will be a bit of a jog down memory lane for me, as August 2010 I challenged myself to vlog (video blog) every day for 30 days. I was just a few weeks pregnant with our 1st son Braxton and was sick as a dog (where did that saying come from I wonder…?? Our family has a new puppy – different story all together – so I’ll have to look into that saying..!) We weren’t telling anyone we were pregnant at the time, so my personal challenge to video blog – look & feel good enough to record it daily was definitely a challenge!! I’m proud to say I did it & overcame my fear of recording videos!!

Hope you join me for the journey!

Blessings, Robyn

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