Hope & Joy

God put it on my heart to record this quick video, so someone could hear His message. I don’t know if that person is YOU – but I hope that you feel the blessings from above, as Jesus loves you!

If today was your last day on Earth – are you going to Heaven or Hell? Are you raising your children to know Jesus? I read the book Heaven is for Real last summer, I encourage you to also, it’s a quick read (and I’m a slow reader!!)

After reading this blog post or watching my video – you may never visit my website again. So let me leave you with this (I stumbled across this on the back of a business card and loved it – as it’s worded perfect)

Romans 10:9

I pray that you stopped what you were doing and made the most important decision of your life. Get plugged into a bible based church and learn how Jesus can move mountains in your life!




I got a Tambourine for my 30th Birthday!!! My sweet, musical friend Elizabeth and her husband Jody, helped plan a surprise Birthday for me and she remembered me saying, I wanted to learn to play a tambourine. It was such a cool gift and I know I squealed with excitement when I opened it.


Thanks for being so thoughtful! I look forward to learning how to use it. Maybe one day…just maybe…I’ll get invited to play it at First Wednesday Prayer Service at our church. Never know – I have to dream!!

Do you play a musical instrument?

I was a terrible student, but my Mom dragged me to organ lessons for a couple years. In Jr & Sr High, I played the trumpet and baritone. The motivation to staying in band…a trip to Disneyland!! Fond memories of that adventure with my friend Melanie.

Stay Amazing,


21 days…on Day 2!

My goal this month is to implement the habit of doing 30 mins of daily personal growth. Before having kids I did do this – so I’m starting again.

I’ve learned that it takes 21 days of consistency to make a habit. My friend Sonya has agreed to hold me accountable to my goal. I took it one step further and sharing with you, plus I’ve also decided to post a daily picture on Instagram.

Day 1: While folding laundry (one of the household chores, I don’t prefer – so I have to make exciting!)

Day 2: Listening while picking weeds in 90F Texas heat!

Do YOU want to join me on this journey?

Hope you’re having an awesome week!



Office Art

I love the view from my desk! This was the awesome swag from the Pink Impact conference I attended in April.


What do you “see” that is inspirational from your workspace?



Pink Impact

Hi beautiful!

It has been way too long since I’ve posted. I hope this finds you doing absolutely incredible!

In April, I turned the big 3-0! My Birthday month quickly turned into the biggest personal growth experience I’ve ever encountered. God lined up an opportunity for me to focus on my faith with Him, my marriage & ensuring He is the center of it, my career, and threw in a surprise celebration! I look forward to sharing a few details with you on all the adventures.

I had an amazing time at the Pink Impact conference at the Gateway Church! The event lit a FIRE under me to keep living on purpose, serving God. I know my calling & I’m no longer going to apologize for who God made me to be. I AM & will continue to Own My Zone!

Worship was electrifying and hearing Kari Jobe live was a sweet bonus.


The speakers were powerful – my favorite being Charlotte Gambill. I also loved hearing Christine Caine (she briefly talked about The A21 Campaign & shared a humbling video about the ministry), Priscilla Shirer, laughed & laughed listening to Judah Smith & loved Debbie Morris‘ bluebonnet analogy (I’ll share in another post)


Enjoyed awesome time with my sisters through Christ!


I’ve already bought my ticket for the 2014 Pink Impact conference!!

What inspiring women’s events / conferences have you attended / would you recommend?




One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this calendar! The title of it – INSPIRE says it all. I love the bright colors and quotes.



It was from my parents, but I know my Mom discovered it. That makes it even more special.


Do you have any inspirational items that make you think of someone special in your life?

Have an amazing week!

Live Inspired,


1 for each room!

I’m just in the process of taking down my Christmas. I know it’s February but since coming home from the hospital, it’s the last thing I wanted to do. Cuddling with my boys has been my priority. If you read my recent post, you’ll learn that we had a slight detour after the holidays that kept us from home for 16 days!

Back to my 1 in each room story. On a Friday morning I found out that my son Gradin was going to arrive 4 days later on a Tuesday morning. I’ll share details about my 2nd Baby Story one day. (Here was my 1st Baby Story!) This news came as a complete shock as I’d had an awesome 2nd pregnancy! Gradin was due on Christmas Day and when we got the news, he was going to arrive 5 weeks early.

I quickly contacted my amazingly talented friend Elizabeth, who is an interior designer. I asked if she could come over & help me put my Christmas up over the weekend before going in to have my son. I knew I needed to distract myself from panicking over the recent news and love Christmas – so was excited about the idea of coming home to it being decorated for.

I know Christmas is LONG over but I still wanted to share with you my trees because I was super excited how they turned out.

My girlfriend came over the next morning & helped me put up 6 Christmas trees! She inspired me after I saw her house the Christmas before, with a tree in each room. So after Christmas last year I stocked up on 50-75% off items.

This year I had 1 big, 2 med & 3 mini trees!! One for nearly every room!







I love Christmas and do remember the reason for the season. However I still enjoy decorating for the holidays!

How did you decorate for Christmas? Do you have lots of trees also?

Thanks Elizabeth for your amazing friendship & incredible help!!


Stay Fabulous,

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