Balance!? What’s that?

Do we ever comment about ladies in your life, “oh, she’s so balanced?” I don’t! I’m not even sure I know what balance is!

You might comment about how “she has it all together”. Or “how does she get it all done?” …

The answer is…I don’t!

I’m a Mompreneur. My life in this current season is really wild and abundant. I love it! It means that I’m helping other women create choices for their family, make a couple extra hundred or thousand dollars a month, or even stop working a J.O.B. to be more present with their kids. All while helping my husband build his business also. And raise my 2 adorable, active boys, that are 3 & 2 (21 mo apart)!

My laundry isn’t always folded…

I don’t match my kids socks anymore…

And my kids have a blast when I need to take a quick call…

I am completely ok with all these things!

My husband is a bit OCD. He’s put up with my crazy creative spirit for over 8 years! I sooo appreciate him overlooking my pathetic domestic skills. I know there are (many) days that it drives him crazy. I have catch up days and power through the required domestic chores – but when you’re on a creative role, doing income producing activites in the nooks & crannies of your life, I roll with the chaos.

If you can relate to my wild life right now – high five! If you’re growing a business like me, and even helping your husband build one also, like me, I’m here to tell you…

It’s OK if your house isn’t perfectly clean.

It’s OK if the laundry isn’t always perfectly folded.

Or if your kids have matching socks.

In 5 years, are you going to remember that your house was spotless?

Or remember the fun you had on vacation that YOUR business paid for?

Or create memories on the horse you bought your son?

I’m making small, short term sacrifices – so I can design a life by choice and have the time and finances to bless others and do more for the kingdom of God.

Believe me, I’m not judging if your focus is on your house and domestic chores. I just felt that someone needed to read this and know you aren’t alone today!

You’re an amazing woman. My daily prayer is for the strength and stamina to conquer each day, just as God ordered my steps. I don’t want to miss any of his assignments to add joy to someone else’s life, because I’m too busy getting my house clean to have friends over… or to pick up the phone and call someone.

If you’re a type A personality and want to fold my laundry, you’re welcome to come for a folding party! I’m sure we’d have fun laughing while we did it!!



Fresh Start

Hope this finds you doing amazing! I haven’t posted in months and I wanted to touch base. Hope this video resonates with you! Life as a Mompreneur is wild and adventurous. I’m committed to making new, healthier, more balanced habits in November!

Are you a Mompreneur or Entrepreneur? How do you find balance? What tips do you have to tackle the never ending action step lists? Prioritizing between income producing activities and domestic diva chores?

I look forward to hearing form you and connecting.



6:15AM Urgency

Our house phone just rang at 6:15AM. It was a 91 year old, “old maid” from our city, wanting an address to mail a card to my husband’s Nanny that had hip surgery. Whenever she calls, we just giggle with amusement and amazement, as she still lives on her own with her cat. Clearly she had to call at 6:15AM because she was awake and time on Earth is precious for all of us.

My new favorite Doris line – “Oh crud, my pen is a dud” after a couple mins, she returns with a new pen to finish writing the address. (BTW – Doris still has a column in the local newspaper)

It’s not uncommon for her to call us. Often it’s to say “I need my lawn mowed” & click – hangs up the phone. I pray that I will be this independent, witty, and simply alive at 91!

What can you do today, with a sense of urgency? Who can you call or write a note to?

Have an awesome day!



He Interrupted My…

{video blog below – watch it if you don’t want to read first!}

For the past 3 years, I have stayed home with our boys. I’ve been blessed to have two businesses that allowed me to do that AND still allowed me to be a career woman with a bit of adult conversation.

Well, God had a different plan than me.

I’ve been praying that He interrupt my days with His assignments. As a result, He has been revealing to me countless ways to serve Him. When my day takes a sudden detour, I just laugh out loud and start looking for who or what He wants me to do. They have ranged from simple joys of opening doors, helping a person do something, buying new shoes for a homeless man, calling someone, the list goes on and on.

The morning in December when God asked me to go back into the workforce as a Full Time employee, I tried to deny what I heard and ignore Him. After praying and praying (my attempt to negotiate, plead, convince) God that I can do His work while being a Mompreneur. However, that evening I finally obeyed the nudging and applied for a few jobs online. I asked God to make it very clear and shine a light on the path He wanted me to take.

My plan was to go to the interviews on His assignment and check that off the list! However, God’s plans are better than mine.

I had many, many emotions going back to work full time and I recorded this video nearly two months ago. I pray that it helps someone else get through a challenging time.

Click Here for Video

Soon, I will post an update on the decision God led me to say YES to. I have been on an absolutely amazing ride, full of blessings and opportunities. An added bonus, is that my own two businesses have actually increased dramatically – now that I work them more effectively in the nooks and crannies of my day! I am sooooo grateful to my incredible husband that has supported me and taken over many roles in our marriage and family.




1 of 4 Firsts

I started off 2014 with 4 new, big things! One of them was to make a big change to my diet and what I physically fed my body.

Last Sunday, my husband and I started a journey together to get healthier. We are doing the 28 Day Arbonne Detox together. I’ve used the Arbonne Essentials products the past 8 years but I’ve never done this big of a detox. It includes eliminating a lot of types of food from our diet, including gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, vinegar, and a few more. This is the FIRST time I’ve done this big of a detox and it was a big decision because I LOVE food!

I’m eager to share my progress, so I thought I better share this video first!!

Day 1 (Sunday, January 5, 2014)

What are you doing to get healthier in 2014?



Fresh :: You’re Invited!

A fresh perspective and start to 2014 with 4 weeks of enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision casting.

You’re invited to join me live in my home in Anna, TX the next 4 Wednesdays (starting Jan 8) or watch the videos that I will email you. Are you ready to join the fun?

Once you’ve registered, please comment below I’M IN!




What’s your #1?

A discussion with my husband this morning, lead me to record this video!

What’s your #1?

I look forward to hearing how you manage your time and prioritize your day! Hope you’re having a fabulous day.



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