How was your weekend?

Mine was fantabulous (thanks for asking ;) )!! Please comment on this post with a couple highlights of your sunny weekend – I love to hear what my amazing friends and followers have going on!

My weekend kicked off with a bang! I had SUCH an amazing Friday in my new red stilettos!! It was my second day at my new contract and I chose to breakout the new heels I got from my Grandma & Grandpa (yes, he was there when they were first spotted and said we should buy them for Robyn! He he…love it!!) . I was so excited to spend my weekend at HOME – first one in awhile. I had got the itch on Friday morning to start my first book! Yes you read that correct, you may have seen my Facebook status late Friday night first disclosing this action!!

It’s a goal of mine to write a book and I knew when it was supposed to happen it would. I started this blog after my amazing bestie Laura suggested I get my writing juice flowing – thank you SO much!! Well, I just confirmed my FIRST motivational speaking date for October and am SO excited – this is a dream come true and a goal I get to cross off my list!! I’ve been working on the material for the launch of my speaking career and the words just started flowing… I got into the groove and started writing…so one goal is supporting another! The topic of my first book is currently “Attitude, Networking, and Social Media” – I don’t have a title yet, but am open to ideas! Think I feel a contest coming on!!

Saturday morning I woke up refreshed and ready to keep sharing my knowledge and life experiences. I soaked in the rays on my deck, wrote, and drank Rhubarb slush! It’s absolutely amazing and yes I made it from a secret recipe! I’m all about sharing though – so watch for the recipe in the next day or two posted on here. I realize you may not want to wait, but patience is a virtue, I have to keep you checking back to visit my blog! If you’re a type A personality and going grocery shopping before I post it… sneak peek, you need Rhubarb (8 cups), sugar, 1 package of Strawberry Jello, Lemon Juice, and Vodka!! (Oh I have a funny story about this ingredient, pertaining to John’s grandmother that I’ll share with you later, he he…)

My gorgeous Saturday afternoon got quite exciting! As I was enjoying the sun, I observed a couple “challenged realtor” moves, I’ll explain more soon! I have a pet peeve for poor business skills and unprepared houses for the market!! I feel a topic for book two developing.

I had an amazing Sunday, kicked off by going to church. Then I had the chance to catch up with our beautiful friends after service and see some favorite “experienced” citizens of our congregation! I went and poked through a couple Open Houses and then had a fun Arbonne class in the afternoon! I just LOVE sharing the amazing swiss skin care and cosmetic products with my family and friends!

Despite having to work on my new contract (could also be known as a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) – so excited to keep building my Arbonne empire!) this morning – I took up a friends invitation for a diva accountability session last night over a glass of German Riesling…ok maybe it was two! Here’s to Sunday – we toasted! Are you flexible and spontaneous with your time – taking up last minute chances to get together as often as you can and willing to open up to others about your amazing ideas for support and constructive criticism? I am and I challenge you to do the same – find a support friend(s) that you can meet with when your schedule allows to grow as a woman and business diva! Women love to be nurtured and don’t always get that attention from men and male colleagues in our life!

I love new weeks – a new opportunity to tackle the world! I love to re-launch my life each week! I was lucky to catch a gorgeous sunrise this beautiful Monday morning and dance around to the radio while I got ready to attack my day!

I hope you make this week amazing!

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