1: Pay It Forward

I’m SO excited to share this beautiful Pay It Forward story with you.

Three months ago, I posted the Texas Bound Giveaway entry, followed by the Twist that outlined the goal of the Living An Amazing Life, 1st Pay It Forward challenge.

Here is our 1st winner, Shelagh’s, heart filled act of kindness:

“I held on to the gift card because I knew I was going to the Children’s Hospital. My kids go for the odd appointment at the eye clinic & sometimes day surgery for dental work…nothing serious. But the parents with seriously ill children, kill me every time I walk through that lobby. I can only imagine how difficult their lives are, pouring everything they have into those kids. I got on the elevator and some young parents got on behind me with a little one in the stroller; she had feeding tubes & no hair; I can only guess some kind of cancer. I knew this was it; these were my people to ‘pay it forward’. I told them that I’d won a Starbucks gift card and that part of the deal was to ‘pay it forward’. I told them I know it must be difficult to get away from the hospital, but if you can, please go have a break & know that I wish your family the best. They were stunned and thankful & I was glad my floor came up as the tears began to well up.”


Thank you Shelagh for sharing your love and kind gesture, it brought me to to tears. Your story also filled me up with joy, we’re so lucky to have amazing individuals like you in this world. I’m honored to have you as a friend.

Shelagh and I met last fall, when she exhibited in Copper West. She is a savvy business woman, with her silversmithing business Designs by Shelagh. She makes absolutely stunning jewelry – I love my turquoise necklace. She is also a dynamic mother of 4, and wife of a rancher and outrider for the WPCA. I encourage you to visit her website Designs by Shelagh and follow her on Twitter.

Keep Paying It Forward in your life, it will always come back to you ten fold when you least expect it.


Coffee Surprise

I love surprises! Happy Hump Day - gotta love Wednesdays. You can celebrate the action steps you’ve completed already in the week AND already feel the next weekend getting closer!

I encourage you to surprise someone with a dose of YOU today!

In the office I’m doing a contract at right now, 3 people prefer Tim Hortons and 2 people prefer Starbucks! SO in order to complete the surprise I was planning, I made a stop at both places on my way to work. Paying it forward…

Have an amazing day!



You Never Know

“I dare you to make someone smile or laugh” (Robyn Beazley) this weekend while you are out and about. Last weekend John and I were doing errands around town; we took our recycling in and soaked in the rays. We were slowly driving through the community we live in, admiring the flowers and yard work being done by citizens.

We spotted a house that had gorgeous bunches of tulips in full bloom and as we approached the home, we saw a “more experienced” couple in the front yard attending to the weeds. The precious, frail lady was in a motorized wheelchair watching as a guy, I’m assuming her partner did the physical work. I asked John to slow down and pull over as we came to the front of their lot.

I hollered out, “Your yard is gorgeous!”

The couple smiled and thanked us.

I left them with, “I hope you two have an amazing day” and a smile.

It made my day to share with these two people how much I enjoyed the beauty of their yard and the work they, I can only hope that it made their day a bit more exciting.

Then we came to a 4 way intersection and a young boy was working on his bike. John slowed down and pulled beside him and asked,

“Do you want help fixing your bike?”

I don’t know what the little guy responded, but John got out and helped him put the chain back on his bike. The experience sent shivers through my body! I love seeing John interact with children, he’s going to make an awesome Dad, one day…not yet ;) and I was so proud of him for helping someone else having a fantastic day.

These stories and experience came to mind when I read the quote in, “My Daily Inspiration from WALKTHETALK.com”‏ (subscribe to have motivational quotes and videos sent to your Inbox)

You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.” –Zig Ziglar

Do you look for ways to make people’s day more amazing? Simply with a grin or giggle?


My fun husband and I at the Olds Ag Society ”themed” fundaiser with friends!


Texas Bound Twist

Twist to Texas Bound Giveaway!

Whoever is drawn as the winner of the Texas Bound contest (if you haven’t entered - do it quickly BY 12noon MST!!  Post a comment regarding my Texas Bound entry) - will have the opportunity to Pay It Forward! The rules are:

1) Have to GIVE the $5 Starbucks Gift Card away to someone deserving (ie. friend, someone that provides you with fabulous customer service).
2) Have to write a quick line or two about their experience surprising someone, while Paying It Forward and share with me to post.
3) I will send them their $10 Starbucks Gift Card to enjoy!

I LOVE all of your picture ideas – thanks for the tips!!  SUPER excited to leave this igloo ;)


Texas Bound

John and I are headed to Texas on Wednesday for his brother’s wedding this weekend! (SO excited to escape this wintery weather – I’m still convinced that Mother Nature is confused!) While visiting Texas I’m going to capture pictures of our travels and post them, so you can see how amazing Texas is and just why I love it so much!

I can’t promise my photos will be postcard quality since I will be taking them with my trusty generic compact digital – but I know they will have Robyn flair and make you smile!!  One day I would love to take a photography class…that’s on my bucket list! Anyhoo…back to my point…

I’ve decided to make this a CONTEST! A fabulous way to kick off a Monday morning and new week! What do you think I should take pictures of? What would you like to see? I’m going to GIVE AWAY a $10 Starbucks Gift Card randomly to one lucky person that comments on this blog entry! Write away…and let me know what you’d like to see!! Who doesn’t LOVE winning something either! Oh, I love surprising people!

Entries will close at 12 Noon MST (daylight savings time!!) tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10), so I can get the winner’s coffee money in the mail before I leave (unless of course the winner is a US diva or dude – then I can pick-up your prize while I’m south of border!) PLUS I’m going to sweeten the pot and let the winner Pay It Forward…more details tomorrow. Hope you’re having an amazing day!starbuckscard

THE WINNER IS….drum roll please…..Shelagh!! 
Congratulations!!  I’m guessing the fact that you have 4 kids and that children energy – helped – because the little guy next door drew your name out!  I spotted him when I was cleaning my walk and needed someone else to do the honors!  Hip hip horray for you!  Please be sure to check out the Texas Bound Twist entry – so you know to Pay It Forward with the 1st Starbucks Gift Card you receive!

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