I’m on a mission!

My friend Jennifer has wrote an awesome eBook & has graciously shared it for free!! It’s called The Intentional Home and is a 7 week system to declutter your home, clean and create a beautiful space for you & your family.

I’ve “planned” to start her book twice (when she let me take a peek at it a couple months ago & then last week when she launched it) & I let life get in the way. So…third time is the charm!!! It’s game on. Domestic diva in training…

I started Day 1 with my assignment and proudly posted it on my Bathroom mirror, along with our Dreamboard.


I encourage you to explore my friend Jen’s blog Simply Home Managing, she’s an incredible inspiration to me.



Magazine Collection

What a breathe of fresh air for a Tuesday! I’ve wrote about how I’ve decluttered my life twice so far in, $12 Well Spent and Clear Your Clutter.

I loved reading a blog entry from my Twitter friend @JillChongva. Here is a synopsis:

“I Twittered on Sunday about how I was choosing to declutter my house to make room for the people in it.  Seriously, why was I hanging on to a years worth of magazines that had not moved from the shelf since the moment I put them there?

And a very wise young man (@ranjansaras) Twittered back about how we should be clearing out our failures to make way for more success.”

Jill goes on to share a challenge and more fantastic wisdom. Read more

Interestingly enough, I looked at my collection of magazines last night. My pile is in my office, creeping behind my chair. I’m going home today and making a trip to the recycle bin!

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