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I get the biggest rush going through sale flyers for grocery stores. I created a spreadsheet with the items my family buys regularly. Then when I see a “sale” in a store or flyer, I know whether it’s a good deal or not.

I first got the idea from my friend Sarah Deveau’s book Money Smart Mom! It took a bit for the idea to grow on me, as I used to make fun of my Mom for being a “Coupon Queen” when I was growing up! I vividly recall my Mom giving me a coupon for admission when going on a date in high school, in front of the guy.

Now I’ve got over myself and become a domestic goddess in training! In November, before I did a big cook (froze a bunch of meals), I went to a different store than usual just to buy 2 boxes of chicken breasts on sale.

Often when I go to the store I have a copy of my most updated grocery list with me. You can find me jotting down notes – new items, revisions, etc, in the margins. Then when I get a chance, I’ll update my spreadsheet, print off my newly updated document and put it in my purse for my next grocery shopping date!

I don’t prefer to shop for groceries at Wal Mart, but if I can spend part of my grocery budget there and have more to spend on other budgets, I will!

Want to make your own? DOWNLOAD my Excel spreadsheet, so you have something to start from OR create your own (Type A personalities)!!

*Please note the prices found in the image are based on my own observation! As the creator of my Grocery Price Comparison document, I assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor do they represent or warrant that the information contained herein is in all cases true, accurate, appropriate, or legal.


About a year ago, I decided that becoming budget savvy needed to become my middle name.

Why do I go out of my way to save on groceries? So I can justify having a house cleaner, pedicures, and nice clothes! As an example, say a house cleaner costs $60 every 2 weeks ($20/hr for 3 hrs) to clean bathrooms, floors, and dust. If I can save $30 on groceries and chose to eat at home more instead of dining out, saving another $30 – then I’ve paid for a house cleaner!! To me, having a house cleaner is living an amazing life. I justify delegating the house chores I don’t prefer, by extra time doing income producing activities.

The best part of life is that you get a choice, of how to spend your time and money. You can save in places, to spend in others. Everyone’s motivation is unique to them.

What do you do, to save money?

Stay Amazing,


  1. Hi Robyn,

    You certainly have cornered the market on being organized at the grocery store!

    I like your message about saving in one area to go all out in another, after all, something has to pay for our massages!

    But seriously, this is what I talk about with my clients so often: LIFESTYLE DESIGN! In every income bracket, people have to trade off something for something else they want more. WE decide the lifestyle we want and what that includes. Then we figure out a way to make that happen. You gave a great example of it right here. You love having a housekeeper and a pedicure, so you make that happen. GREAT lesson!

    I hope many people “hear” what you are saying. Living an amazing life is about trading off. It is also about deciding what matters to you and going about the business of designing a way to have it.

    Hats off to you my friend. Keep up the great work!


  2. Hi, Robyn. First of all, I’m jealous! Where we live, a house cleaner for three hours costs more than 3 times as much as where you are.

    The thing I loved about your piece, though, is that I got a real sense of your warrier huntress coming out. I remember fbeing very aware, shortly after my first son was born, that I was being introduced to myself. It’s like that first baby pushes some dormant “fierce” button on the way out and suddenly, as a new mom, you are like a family-protecting superhero ninja mom.

    In your case, providing lovely things and experiences for your family is one way this trait is manifested. It makes me happy to see the younger moms really get their mojo on in new ways.

    Congrats on the whole thing — your wisdom, this lovely “artpiece” blog, and your creativity.

    Blessings, Jennifer Boykin

  3. Hi Robyn,

    I agree with you. I couldn’t live without my cleaning lady. LOL It’s all about priority and it is different for everybody. Time and money are two big areas that we have to master. Although I don’t go grocey shopping in multiple stores because where I live it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m always on the look out to reduce my fixed charges so I have more money to spend on me or my business.I shop online, so I can easily compare prices and get the best deal without having to waste time and gas.

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