Life is all about being unfinished. I often cringe at the phrase Unfunished Business. However if we don’t have anything Unfunished in our lives – then where does our urge to get out of bed come from in the morning?

This came to me when I was painting our master bedroom. I started painting it last weekend. I had full intentions to finish during the week after, while my husband was out of town. It didn’t happen…

I just started again & this unfinished message came to me. Our marriage is unfinished, our businesses are unfinished, our lives are unfinished until God calls us home. 

We always have to have something on the go – in the works – to help us keep our feet moving. So I dare you to start something today. Go ahead & work towards finishing it. But if you don’t – don’t stress over it. 

Maybe this is why I like to start new projects before another is finished… so I have something else to look forward to!! If you’re Type A like my husband, you’ll cringe at this idea, but it gave me peace this morning. 

Back to painting! Have an awesome day. 

Blessings, Robyn 

Love Yourself – Favorite Shade

Happy “Love Yourself” weekend!

Love Yourself and Share Love with Others! Regardless of your “relationship status” this Valentines weekend – you can find LOVE by sharing / giving it to others. I believe when you want to Receive something – you must Give what you want to Receive! One of my favorite authors, Darren Hardy shared yesterday in this Darren Daily that doing this gives you the opportunity to create / act out what you want. I thought that was a brilliant way of describing the giving what you want to receive.Lipstick Shades

Valentines reminds of me Lipstick! Which is YOUR favorite shade? (click on image to view it bigger) I’d love for you to comment with your favorite on my Facebook Business Page!


Santa Visited

Christmas morning was pretty magical in our house!

Our boys absolutely LOVE their new “bucking chute”.  My husband & his Dad made it (I mean Santa’s elves did!) and I admire the labor of love that was put into it.

Hope you had a fabulous CHRISTmas and were able to celebrate the real reason for the season – the birth of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.


Little Signs

When you’re running 6+ miles on a Saturday morning, you find little signs that encourage you. 

I love the little distractions that come from discovering little things on route that encourage you. 

This dime (10c) was an interesting one. It wasn’t until after I I finished my run & I saw that it was 6.23 miles. I did some quick mind math & figured out that it was 10K. For me that resonated with baby steps multiplying! 

The key was awesome because I have a picture on my dream board of a new vehicle our network marketing team is working towards – with a little 13.1 image on the back of it. A vivid reminder of my goal! The key symbolizes progress for me also. 

I may be the only crazy woman that loves finding little clues on the path of life, but I was being nudged to share. Every day I pray that God interupts my day with his assignments. These little things are reminders that He walks or in this case, runs with me every step. 

Blessings, Robyn

Little things

After almost 9 years of marriage, I’ve learned a couple things that really make my husband happy. This clean island counter in our kitchen…is one of them! Something about him coming home from a day at work to see a cleaned off counter. 

One of my husband’s strongest love language is Acts of Service (here are a couple previous blog posts about the 5 Love Languages). You see, my domestic skills are…developing. As a Mompreneur, I will often use the extra couple minutes to do one more income producing activity or spend quality time with the boys, than tackle the domestic chore list. It was just how I was raised.

I’m finding or should I say, making time, in this new season of my life to do the little things. Dinner on the table 3 nights in a row with ease and my hubby returned home to a clean counter.

It’s the little things…that keep a marriage strong…that keep the world going around. Keep surprising & delighting others in your life.

Even if your husband doesn’t always notice, take joy in “how” and “when” you do things for them!

What is your partners love language? Physical touch is probably the obvious one!! However beyond that, I bet there are little things that make them tick. Does he know what yours are? As I discussed in this post – most people assume what others are, but don’t always really know!

Marriage is 100%, 100% – NOT 50%-50%.

Blessings, Robyn